Client: Discovery Networks
Date: 2014
Services: UX, Visual Design

01. The goal

Create a killer TV Everywhere experience to allow users to watch Discovery’s contents they will enjoy no matter the time or place.

02. iPad Experience

The name TV Everywhere implies that wherever you are you’ll have that mobile experience of consuming the Discovery Networks content, and the mobile device that support the best experience for video it’s the iPad. With the light weight and big screen, you can watch your shows everywhere with a great retina resolution.

03. Our First Material Design Approach

In 2014 Google released their new design system that persists until now, the Material Design. We started the Android project in the same week as the announcement and we were pretty exited about how we could take advantage of this system to make a app that feels Android native. At the end we designed something that feels Android and Discovery at the same time.

04. The Whole Experience

At the end, we’ve created a video to show how is the Look & Feel of the whole iPad experience, and we also did a longer version to help developers to achieve all the micro-interactions that we wanted.

I was not involved in the motion design process.

05. My Role

I worked as a Product Designer and participated to the production phase, creating the onboarding experience together with the Interaction Designer and solving the design system to all the templates that we had to make work in different kind of situations. I’ve designed and coded a new documentation system for the Web and Android version, that would become a standard for a amount of projects that we did inside Huge.

Core Team: Gustavo Balestraci, João Mermólia, Lohan Tostes, Rogério Pereira, Thiago Duarte